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Award-winning nursery menu in Hove, Brighton

Blueberry Nursery School was one of the first nursery schools to achieve awards for its healthy food menus. Children are provided with nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks. Only the highest quality organic food is used and daily deliveries from a local supermarket ensure that the food is always fresh. We are able to cater to any allergies or dietary requirements at no additional cost. 

At Blueberry Nursery School we plan lots of opportunities for children to try different foods from around the world and have a go at cooking together with their teachers. This year we have been experimenting with fruit based oatmeal cookies, juicing and making our own banana ice cream. We also make sure children have an understanding of how their food is grown and offers lots of opportunities for planting herbs, fruits and vegetables in our garden.

A dedicated food champion

Our dedicated food champion monitors and analyses the nutritional content of every nursery meal, thereby ensuring your child is provided balanced meals. No expense is spared on the children’s food at Blueberry Nursery School and staff are on hand to guide parents over the hurdles of ‘fussy’ eating.

We have a five week healthy menu that rotates on a weekly basis. Due to such high demand, Blueberry Nursery has released a cookbook with all of the recipes from our menu, including alternatives for different dietary requirements. We also produced a 'Sweet Treats' recipe book recently which offers ideas for healthier alternatives to your favourite sweet options. Both of these are on sale at the nursery, with the proceeds being donated to a local food bank that provide food parcels to families in the local area.
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Nursery recipe book
Recipe book

What do our parents and carers think of the healthy food we offer?

"Our son eats really well when at nursery, probably being more experimental than he would at home and it makes me feel very happy knowing that he gets a well-balanced, varied diet." 
A happy parent

"The trips and activities for the children give them some really fun new experiences, which our daughter has loved - from a trip to a Chinese restaurant for Chinese New Year to brewing their own fruit teas in the garden tea hut"
- Briony Goulden

"My son is a super fussy eater which was a big concern when sending him to nursery. But Blueberry have a very well researched and thought through stance on eating, which has really helped de-stress mealtimes and their expertise has helped us at home as well"
- Emily Long
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a small girl eating
a small girl eating
Blueberry Nursery School in Hove offers healthy nursery meals, prepared using organic meat and produce sourced locally in Brighton and Hove.
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