Nursery School Curriculum

An exciting early years curriculum in Brighton and Hove

Blueberry Nursery School in Hove offers a well-rounded curriculum for your child's early development. Our nursery curriculum is based around the early years foundation stage with an added sparkle of imagination to keep your child actively engaged. Indoor and outdoor activities are set at a pace that your child will find challenging yet enjoyable. Activities are planned for separate age groups which means that the learning environment caters specifically for the child’s stage of development. We also organise outings in the local area which gives the children opportunities to connect with the wider community.
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Developing confidence through early years education

Activities at Blueberry Nursery School are gradually extended to maintain the children’s interest and give them the opportunity to reach their maximum potential through a process of increasing self-confidence and self-worth. Our nursery school curriculum focuses on your child's:
  • Personal, social, emotional and physical development
  • Communication, language, literacy and mathematics
  • Understanding the world, communities and traditions
  • Expression through art and media
Queries regarding the curriculum

What do our parents and carers think of the curriculum and early years education?

"The range of skills and activities the children do is remarkable from woodworking to French lessons. My son has come home with such a huge array of craft projects. I envy the children getting to hang out there all day."
- Emily Long

"Wonderful teachers and staff, lovely environment, and excellent home-made food! The range of things they learn about is truly amazing"  
- Ingrid Bleynat
Parental involvement
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Blueberry Nursery School in Hove, Brighton offers a refined preschool curriculum based on early years foundation stage. We plan activities for separate age groups such as babies, toddlers and preschool children.
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